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Tectual: Formula for Business Success

What is Marketing

In 2005, the AMA changed the definition of marketing to better reflect the realities of competing in today's marketplace:

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders

Success Parameters Product

Do you have a product(service)?

We strongly advise you to study current market and your competitors before launching it.

We can't help you much with this parameter unless you need a software/app such as Mobile App, Web Application/service, click here and Our enthusiastic team

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Do you currently have customers?

- I don't need customers.

- Yes, I have but I need more Make more customers

- No. I'm trying to get my first customers.

Do you have Marketing Plan?

If no, you should read this part which describes how much marketing is essential for your success and how to have an

Have you prepared your Marketing Materials?

In oder to make your first customers, there are some (on/off)line techiques, such as:
- Sell to circle of friends and family closest to you
- Give away some for free or with discount at very early stage
- Use online promotions and discounts
- ...
But before starting any of these, you must have your Marketing Materials ready! Check what materials you need here. Once you've mastered the value equation for one customer, you can focus on finding many customers that think and act alike.

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How to Make More Customers

You want to reduce your expenses?

You can reduce expense by eliminating unnecessary human resource wasted on repetitive tasks or reduce time of a process. We can offer you great tools which can save up to 50% human resource and in some cases 100% time is saved. See how we can reduce your costs here.
Reduce Expenses and Save Time

Do you want to reach your target audience?

With today's competitive economy, the idea of hanging out our shingle and hoping people will find us will lead to a definite doom. Therefore, if you are truly committed to having a successful business, then you will need to be spending the majority of your time on marketing activities.

There are two types of marketing activities - active and passive.

Marketing Strategies

- Active marketing activities give you the greatest exposure, establish connection and creditability and get you greater results quicker.

- Speaking
- Training events like workshops
- Networking
Social networking with purpose
- Creating alliance partnerships

- Passive activities are as important as active marketing activities. They aren't as direct in generating income but very effective just the same for generating awareness, growing your list and creating interest.

Article marketing
Maintaining Your website
Working on your brochure
Keep in touch activities - like sending cards, notes and newsletters

Free online marketing advice
Relationship Marketing

Start Relationship Marketing Today.

If you have studied any marketing book written after 2005 you should be aware of it. The goal is to develop and maintain long-term, mutually satisfying arrangements where both buyer and seller focus on the value obtained from the relationship. As long as this value stays the same or increases, the relationship is likely to deepen and grow stronger over time.

In order to deepen your relationship, you can use these techniques:
- Website
- Blogging
- Articles
- Other keep in touch activities

Grow Business

In order to have a greater exposure, you can do these activities:
- All bove activites
- Promotions
- Participating in groups and forums

Business Exposure Great Exposure